Louie Sanchez is focused on leading the fight to secure our border, protect good-paying energy jobs, and keep our promises to veterans.

Enforcing Immigration Laws

The safety and security of New Mexican families is a priority we can’t afford to ignore, and unfortunately, this priority is compromised without solid border protection. Louie Sanchez believes we must enforce our country’s immigration laws. Louie believes illegal immigration is a major reason why New Mexico’s communities are ravaged by drug addiction and crime. Louie understands our southern border is not safe, our ranchers and farmers can’t stop the drug cartel, and human traffickers operate unchallenged.

It’s time to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders to stop the devastation caused by drugs and crime in our state.

Protecting Jobs & the Energy Sector

New Mexicans want and deserve good-paying jobs, and we want to keep quality talent here, in our state. One of Louie Sanchez’s top priorities will be protecting New Mexico’s jobs and the state’s energy economy. Louie believes the pathway to a prosperous New Mexico starts by keeping young people in the state, fostering a good economy, supporting a strong job market, and never raising taxes.

We must protect New Mexico jobs and the energy sector.

Delivering on Our Promises to Veterans

Our veterans can never be fully repaid for their many sacrifices, but we owe it to them to fulfill our promises. Louie Sanchez is passionate about helping our military veterans. He has seen how DC bureaucrats have failed them and knows we need to let doctors be doctors rather than spend their time filling endless paperwork. It’s time to do something about it.

Louie Sanchez will stand up for our veterans and keep our promises.

Upholding Our Values

The worth of America’s unborn babies should not be up for debate. Republican Louie Sanchez is strongly pro-life and supports the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would outlaw late-term abortions at 20 weeks.

Louie Sanchez is a proud supporter of President Trump.

Defending Our 2nd Amendment

Americans have a Constitutional right to bear arms, which should never be infringed. Louie Sanchez is the owner of Calibers, a firearms retail store and shooting range facility, whose support for the 2nd Amendment runs deep.

Louie will be an unwavering advocate for the 2nd Amendment, proudly protecting the rights of gun owners.